How To Shift Reality To Hogwarts. Shift your reality step #1: You cannot shift to kill someone, you already are killing.

Reality Shifting to Hogwarts DIY Toolkit Subliminals
Reality Shifting to Hogwarts DIY Toolkit Subliminals from

According to fantasy fans on tiktok, you can. There are many ways you can shift to hogwarts. Notice where your focus goes.

Notice What You’re Talking And Thinking About.

What is the best method for shifting to hogwarts? There are many ways you can shift to hogwarts. Elevator method imagine yourself in an elevator and each passing floor your energy gets higher (you can imagine each floor as a different reality if you want).

Shift Anywhere, It Already Exists And You're Already There!

I'm back with another video about reality shifting! Once your energy gets to the level it needs to shift, the elevator doors will open up to your desired reality. In order to shift, i recommend scripting out your desired reality.

With It, You Lay In A Starfish Position On Your Bed And Count To 100 While Subliminals Are Playing, Making Sure To Say Positive Affirmations Between Numbers.

Although nearly every law of attraction technique focuses only on changing the conscious mind, 95% of our […] If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. You can shift to any alternate reality you desire.

Here Is A Hogwarts Template Via Thoughtful Gift Club;

Shift your reality step #1: To start shifting your reality, simply start noticing what you’re allowing into your consciousness throughout your daily life. How to shift to hogwarts or anywhere with the raven method.

You Cannot Shift To Kill Someone, You Already Are Killing.

Harry potter fans on the app have recently been “reality shifting” to place themselves in the magical world of reality shifting, you can insert yourself into an alternate reality through precise planning and meditation. One of the most popular reality shifting methods often referenced on tiktok is “the raven method”. Repeat these affirmations to shift to hogwarts on a daily basis and see how you’ll start to manifest your desired reality!

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